Hii loves! I ran a poll on twitter asking you guys what you’d like to see in my next blog post and this was one of the most requested! Follow my twitter for more polls and requests for posts @sophiaaneesa

My silver hair is in fact a wig!!! I love the idea of wigs and they can be used for many different reasons. Changing colours frequently, giving your hair a break from heat, even just for a quick hair style when you’re in a rush!

WHO – The brand of wig is Outre, they carry a variety of great wigs especially if you are looking for coloured hair (silver,pink,blue)

WHAT – It is a lace front synthetic wig, white/silver with roots and is about 24 inches long with a curl pattern *claims it is heat safe but my straightener still damaged the fibers and I do not recommend using heat*

WHERE – I purchased mine from a beauty supply store (BSW) I will link an online option that is great as well here

WHY – I chose this specific wig because it is rooted, which is easier to blend with your real hair/hairline and it also looks the most “natural” in my opinion. I also chose this wig because of the particular shade it had, it is more silver/white than grey which is what I was looking for

I am totally obsessed with wigs! I was previously silver before (seen below) and it compromised my hairs integrity and was a burden to maintain with having to tone it every week!! Which is why having a wig allows me to still enjoy different colours without commitment and allows me to keep my silky black hair looking it’s best!


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