Here are the items in fashion, beauty and lifestyle I have been loving this month!


As the cold weather is upon us I’ve been layering up and these long sleeves have been great! I buy them in an extra large from the men’s section for even more space for layering and have a baggy relaxed fit. Get yours Here

Loving this simple grey coat to finish off any look! This is a must have for the fall in anyone’s closet. Similar Here

Love love love sneakers recently! I have been reaching for relaxed fit full cover shoes and these have been my top picks. Black Here Rose Gold Here Gold Here

I’ve been reaching for basics and neutrals a ton this month and loved adding a chain to accent or even layering both. Perfect way to add a little something to a simple look. Left is costume jewelry and on the right is a custom 18k chain. Similar Here, Here & Here


One of my all time favourite foundations. I’ve been reaching for this all month due to the finish and coverage it’s been giving me. Satin finish with full coverage. In the colder season I look for a slightly more skin like, satin finish opposed to a more luminous look, as well I am able to wear a foundation that is a little more full coverage and heavier now that the heat isn’t a factor. Note: I do not like the liquid version of this foundation, only the stick version. Get yours Here

Skin can get very dry as the cold weather comes in, I’ve been loving my Dragon’s Blood Fix for the needed hydration this past month. I have also been using this product for 6 months now twice a day, and I can truly say it has worked wonders for my skin, it has rebuild collagen and corrected texture allowing my skin to feel and look it’s healthiest. It has also shrunk my pores by a million!! I am now able to wear makeup every day without breaking out or it creating white heads in my pores. Just a quick spot light shine on this product, it’s truly amazing and has helped my skin out by a mile. Get yours Here

I wear nothing but white on my toes and I get tons on questions what polish I’m wearing on my toes, I thought I’d throw it in my favourites as well. Essie 008 blanc. Get yours Here

Loving this copper brush for my hair. I purchased this brush at the beginning of the month and I’ve noticed the brush creates less breakage of my hair. The bristles are made of real copper which is very long lasting and durable. It also claims to reduce build up in hair over time witch so far I can say is true. It picks up any buildup from my hair onto the bristles and spreads my natural oils downwards, and away from my roots. Get yours Here


This month I have been carrying around more cash on me. I’ve swapped over from my Louis card holder to my Gucci card case because of its ability to store all my cash, cards and receipts without question. Love the amount of space this compact wallet has. It’s my number one choice for a compact leather good for all you cash users out there. Get your Here

This is my first time getting into scented candles and I’m obsessed! I never really had an interest in candles till I picked this one up for the fall! I absolutely love this scent and the atmosphere it creates. I love warm very vanilla based scents and this is perfect. It’s very relaxing and calming and I love the cozy feel it gives to any space. Get yours Here

  • favourite Starbucks drink this month: hot chocolate
  • favourite show this month: Gotham & Grey’s Anatomy
  • favourite restaurant this month: Paramount (253 Yonge St)
  • favourite stores this month: Oak + Fort & Zara




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