Here are the items in fashion, beauty and lifestyle I have been loving this month!


I have worn this denim jacket to death this month! Amazing piece that everyone needs in their closet. I’ll definitely be transitioning this into the fall as well. Get yours Here Similar Here & Here

Bralette galore! I have been obsessed with these babies all month, first two are from Aritzia – Wilfred Free collection and last one is from Top Shop, all unfortunately sold out. Similar Here Here


I have been reaching for this baby the entire month for my foundation application instead of my beauty blender (still love to death). It’s been giving me a fuller coverage finish than my beauty blender also has been a quicker application. Not as air brushed as beauty blender. Get yours Here

Love love love these, at first I thought I didn’t like these at all, that they weren’t working for me and the hype for these were a waste. It takes a bit of practise to learn to work with them correctly. I absolutely love them for contouring (medium brush) the blend and precision is amazing. Contouring your nose is a easy as can be with these as well (small brush). They aren’t my favourite for foundation (large brush) solely because it doesn’t give the full coverage I prefer, but I did however include it as well in my favourites because it does give an amazingly flawless finish and is great for anyone looking for a lighter application. Get yours Here

I have been loving a less intense contour lately and this is a great product for a flawless canvas that looks amazing paired with a light bronze and blush. I use this baked foundation powder to set my entire face after foundation and use this to blend over my bronzer and contour for a seamless finish. Get yours Here

My lips have been feeling dry recently and I have been reaching for an all time favourite this month, my Chanel rouge coco lipstick #402 Adrienne. It is extremely hydrating and plumping and very close to my natural lip colour just with an added boost! Looks amazing every time. Get yours Here

I have also been pairing these two lip liners with my lip balm on top for comfort as an everyday lip combo. Outline with darker pencil Here Fill in lips with pink shade Here top with lip balm Here 

All the sun, beaches and heat as taken a toll on my skin. I have been loving this body scrub all month to help along my skins renewing process and wash away dead skin revealing soft smooth skin. Get yours Here


Obsessed with my Louis Vuitton ID/Card case this month. I have been running around a lot and this is amazing to just grab and go anywhere with me. So cute, so compact definitely a major favourite this month! Unfortunately this is a vintage item and is unavailable. Similar Here

  • favourite Starbucks drink this month: Venti passion tea lemonade, light ice
  • favourite show this month: Power (on star network)
  • favourite restaurant this month: The Keg
  • favourite stores this month: Zara & Free People




 This month I have been busy in the fashion department. I rotate my wardrobe twice a year, once in September for my fall and winter clothes and again in April for the spring and summer. August has come to an end, that means it’s time to swap out my sun hat for a toque! Here is how I keep my closet in tacked.

1. Clear it out! No need to be hording clothes that you don’t wear, decide if you’re going to save, salvage or surrender each item in your closet. 

Save – This item fits me well and you wear this item frequently. On trend and appropriate for the season. Items from the previous season that you plan on keeping but can no longer transition with to the next season, they go in storage.

Salvage – I can turn this item into something wearable. I can alter or make a new wearable piece out of this item. Some items in your closet may be amazing pieces yet you don’t reach for them because they don’t fit as great as you’d like. Have your clothes altered, the better you cater to your body’s fit the more often  you’ll reach for those unloved pieces! Ask yourself, can I DIY this item? Revamp your older items into new trending looks, see how I revamp an item of my own Here

Surrender – This item is outdated, unwearable or does not fit. Out with the old and in with the new. Ask yourself, when last have I worn this? Do I see myself wearing this in the next 3-6 months? I personally get rid of all my clothes that I haven’t worn in the last 3-6 months. Items that have lost quality or can not be altered to fit better are also removed. All wearable items are donated.

2. Shop! Update your closet with what’s on trend and stock up on basics. Fall trends 2016 Here

Splurge – I splurge and spend the extra dollar on items such as furs, heavy coats and jackets. These items will last you a while and are great pieces to finish off and give a luxe look to any outfit. Good quality pants are also key, they are used most often as a base to mix and match with different tops.

Save – Save the extra dollar on basics such as layering tops, blouses and tee’s. These items are the quickest to diminish and most likely to be just on trend this season apposed to a piece that is classic and can be worn for substantially longer period of time.

3. Organize! When I organize my closet it is more based off of aesthetic than classification.

  • colour coated
  • spaced
  • new items and main pieces are hung
  • basics and layering items are folded underneath in storage


I have also been loving these hangers this month, they are amazing! My clothes never slip off, good quality and come in a verity of colours. I have two types, one with mini hooks on them to hang strapy tops and the originals for the rest of my pieces.
Hangers Here


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