This year I have really took a plan of action into changing the quality and life of my skin. I did not acknowledge the importance of good skin care up until this year (big mistake). It is not only beneficial towards overall better looking skin, but it also plays a huge roll in how your make up sits, settles and looks on the face. Here I have for you a little history about my skin and skin type, as well as my current skin care routine and products used.


  • severe scaring from previous breakouts under the skin (2012)
  • loss of collagen
  • normal skin type with mild dry spots
  • minimum mild breakouts
  • textured skin



My favourite way to remove make up is with make up wipes. Super quick and easy! Follow through with your favourite face wash.

  • I go through wipes like crazy so I go for the least expensive. My logic is that it’s not necessarily giving me any skin benefits, it’s purpose is solely to remove excessive makeup so no need to spend the extra dollar.
  • Wash your face with warm water and a pump of face wash to rinse the remaining off

Makeup wipes Here

Face wash Here


I exfoliate two times a week using three different methods, here are my tips and products used!

methods of exfoliation

  1. Shaving
  2. Exfoliants (AHA & BHA acids)
  3. Polishing (polishing treatment)


Shaving: this method may scare most people or even find this very unusual, but I have been shaving my face for two years without problem and here are all the facts you need to know!

  1. Shave downwards only
  2. Does not grow hair back thicker
  3. Use a five blade for less irritation
  4. I personally shave every week or week and a half
  5. Removes dead skin
  6. Brightens skin
  7. Removes peach fuzz (light hair)
  8. Perfect way of prepping skin for serums or treatments
  9. Do not apply make up or irritating products right after shaving (use oil free, fragrance free products), pores are still sensitive. Shave at night before bed so skin can rest.
  10. **Make up applies amazingly the next day**


Exfoliants: AHA & BHA’s, I use this product in rotation with my polishing treatment every other week or as an acne treatment for congested areas on the face. Avoid areas that do not need to be treated. This product contains both AHA & BHA’s, product also lightens scars.

  1. AHA – examples are glycolic acid & lactic acid. These components help the skins natural exfoliation process by weakening the dead skin cells and allows skins texture to be refined.
  2. BHA – example is salicylic acid. This acid helps unclog congested pores.

Exfoliating night pads Here

Polishing: polishing treatment maintains skins texture and keeps skin from looking dull, brightens and smooths. Refines skin texture. I use this product in rotation with my exfoliating treatment every other week.

Polishing enzyme powder Here


My favourite masks that unclog pores and keep skin clear!Deep clean pores & Blemish removal mask Here *all time favourite* 

Weekly mask Here


Now it’s time to treat your skin for it’s needs! I use a mix of two serums to treat and prevent scarring and acne.

Mixed the two serums below into a dropper

  • C E Ferulic – for anti aging, loss of firmness and collagen, skin brightening Here
  • Blemish + Age Defense – blemish control, anti aging Here



Here are my go to treatments that include hyaluronic acid and dragons blood for rebuilding skin texture, firmness and adds hydrating plumpness. Literally face lift in a bottle!

Serum used everyday Here *all time favourite* 

Mask used as need for added boost Here

Follow though with a light layer of your favourite moisturizer to lock it in. I prefer non-greasy formulas that are fast absorbing and not thick.

Moisturizer Here


My picks for soft lips!

  • Day use
  • SPF 25
  • Light weight
  • Vitamin E

Day use lip balm Here

  • Night use
  • Intensive
  • Thick
  • Repairing

Night use lip balm Here


I also highly recommend receiving a facial 2-4 times a year to keep skin at its best. My particular favourite is a hydro facial in which expert tools and techniques are used to deep clean and rejuvenate skins appearance. My face was cleansed and removed of dead skin using the hydrafacial wand in a two step process, followed by white head extraction, a facial mask, then followed through with an AHA & BHA peel/serum using the hydrafacial wand once again, blue light treatment, and penetration of hydrating serums into the skin using the hydrafacial equipment one last time. Results are outstanding, love love love!



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