After a few times wearing these lipsticks, I am a huge fan!

Tom Ford Lipstick – Lips & Boy Collection ($46)

Left Here
Right Here

This collection is a limited edition collection that feature a miniature version of a classic Tom Ford lip formula. These shades are named after all the men that have influenced Tom Fords life.

Mini boy collection – 2.0 g/ $46

Full size collection – 3.0 g/ $68

Julian (Left) is violet based in colour with pink undertone and blue iridescence, it resembles a very mauve like shade that everyone was obsessed with a few months back. I love to wear this on its own with a touch of a shade lighter in the center Here for a fuller looking lip or paired with a dark lip liner Here.

David (Right) is a metallic gold neutral, it is champagne like in colour. This shade is amazingly unique. My favourite way to wear it is with a gloss Here on top for extra frosted luscious lips or in the center of a nude lip Here for added dimension. For my skin tone, I do not wear this shade on its own.

The formula of these lipsticks are like no other, smooth as silk and full colour pay off. My favourite luxury lipsticks in my collection for perfect rich colour every time. The quality is evident in this product, justifying the price in my eyes. There are also many luxurious ingredients embedded into this product as well, such as murumuru butter and soja seed extract. Not to mention the gorgeous packaging, black casing with gold accents and signature TF on the top and impressed onto the top of the lipstick. Lipstick case has good weight to it, nothing of poor quality or craftsmanship.


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